Ward 10 Candidate Web Sites

We have four candidates and three of them have web sites. You can google the names yourself of course, but for the convenience of our readers, we will list them here:

Dan Glenn-Graham is http://dan4ward10.com/

Terry Marr is : http://terrymarr.ca/

Denis Pellerin is: http://www.denispellerin.ca/

Gary Ferguson is: http://garyferguson.blogspot.com/

Please visit all their sites to read what they have to say. All candidates have put time and resources into running. Please vote because it is embarrassing when Russia has a higher turnout than many elections in Canada and the United States.  Let's rock it out on October 25th (or before if you go to the advanced polls)!


Ward 9 All Candidates meeting, October 5th, 7-9 pm

Ward 9 is very close to us here at MHBP so we are posting this information to the Blog in the hope that a few of your are interested.

The Neighbourhood Associations of Ward 9 are hosting an All-Candidate Meeting for those running for the Ward 9 Councillor position on Tuesday, October 5th, 7-9 PM in the Victoria Park Pavilion.

Every candidate who is running in the ward has been invited to attend this very important meeting.

Everyone who wants to meet the candidates running in Ward 9 is invited to this evening.  Each candidate will be allowed one minute to introduce themselves and their platform.  They will then be presented with six prepared questions and sent to them in advance. This will be followed by written questions from the floor with timed responses to allow each candidate a reasonable time to respond.  The evening will conclude with any opportunity for both candidates and the neighbours to mingle.


Our Candidates answer YOUR questions, take #1

We have had a couple of submissions for candidate questions so I'm posting the replies so far here. Please send your questions to mhbpna@gmail.com. 

Our first questions are: #1.  Do you live in Ward 10?  If so, for how long have you lived here? and #2.  How much experience do you have in city of Kitchener politics, especially at the city council level?

The responses are posted in the order they were received for this set. 

Thanks to the candidates who are running and who responded to our questions. It takes a lot of work to put yourself out there to run in an election so kudos to everyone. I hope we can post more questions and answers.

Please note we've put on the Blog calendar the date for when the candidates debate will be replayed on Rogers cable. 

Daniel Glenn-Graham:

#1.  Do you live in Ward 10?  If so, for how long have you lived here?  I have loved living 16 years in Ward 10 in a historically designated home around Centre in the Square.

#2.  How much experience do you have in city of Kitchener politics, especially at the city council level?
I have experience as a delegation to council on a number of occassions, and I have sat on the Growth Management Committee and the Increase Voter Turnout Committee. I have not sat on City Council, but I was on the Exective of Student Council at the University of Toronto and have been Chair of numerous boards.

Terry Marr:

#1.  Do you live in Ward 10?  If so, for how long have you lived here?
Yes I live in Ward 10 at 34 Simeon Street. I have lived at this address for two years but have lived in another area of the ward (Margaret & Queen) for 6 years when I was growing up. When I was a child I spent many, many fun days at Breithaupt Centre!

#2.  How much experience do you have in city of Kitchener politics, especially at the city council level?
I have 24 years of municipal experience as a city employee. I initially began working for the city in a unionized position and was then promoted to management.
During my time at the City of Kitchener I dealt with all levels of staff (including council) and many committees, volunteers, etc.
I feel that my municipal experience allows me to be off and "running" from day one, if elected. I will not need to learn who is who, background on projects, initiatives, etc. I also know how departments (and projects) intertwine.
As management I also had to oversee a budget and go through the budget process each year. One of the things I am most proud of is the fact that a project I was responsible for (conversion of the offset print shop to a digital shop) saved the city $170,000 in the first year and more than $70,000 each subsequent year.
As an employee I felt I was serving the city and helping (in a small way) to make it a "better" place. I would feel the same, if elected as Ward 10 councillor.
I have also worked with the city in a volunteer capacity when I served on  two Kitchener neighbourhood associations (Victoria Park and Pinegrove) and as president of the Highland Park Tennis Club.

Denis Pellerin:

#1.  Do you live in Ward 10?  If so, for how long have you lived here?

Yes I have lived at my current residence, 100 Louisa Street for 24 years.

#2.  How much experience do you have in city of Kitchener politics, especially at the city council level?

My background with Municipal programmes dates back to 2002. I have been on various City Advisory Committees and today I sit on the Downtown Advisory Committee and the Safe and Health Advisory Committee. I have worked with youths on various programs, and one named ASAP ( Available Space Arts Project) where I was one of the founders and treasurer. I have had the privilege of serving on the Oktoberfest Advisory Committee and I was also at the forefront of a new initiative named “Paint the Town Wunderbar. I am one of the foundering members of the NMA (Neighbourhood Mobilization Alliance) designed to improve the quality of life in the Mount Hope-Breithaupt Park community and to keep it safe. I continue to participate on this project.

My work history is that of business to business. I was the National Sales Manager for GE Carboloy after which I spent sixteen years with a chocolate firm as their National Sales Manager.
Currently I am in the real estate business associated with Coldwell Banker Peter Benninger Realty.

Gary Ferguson

#1.  Do you live in Ward 10?  If so, for how long have you lived here?

Yes 30 year resident of Ward 10. I live and operate a business in the ward.

#2.  How much experience do you have in city of Kitchener politics, especially at the city council level?

I would draw on my exprience as a former Trustee on the Public School Board for nine years. I have dealt with city hall on numerous planning and housing issues.


Culture Days are coming

Are you cultured? Of course you are if you live in vibrant Kitchener, but perhaps you'd like some more. This weekend there are many activities going on, including Word on the Street. My son and I always go to Word on the Street each year in Victoria Park and purchase at least one book (usually more!). Over the years these have changed from a Comic to thick works of fantasy fiction. My wife bought a work of historical fiction set in  Muskoka that was sold and signed by the author. It is great to be able to find a book like that and talk with the author.

But this weekend there is even more going on than that. It is an event called "Culture Days" that is happening all over the country on Saturday and Sunday. For a bird's eye view of what is going on in the region click here. Here is an article in The Record about all the events.

It's fun and you will get cultured. For two days and it's free. What a great deal.


Let the games, er... election, begin!

So let's vote in the coming election. Our very futures are at stake! There are many fascinating issues in our area.

--The city has projected we will add another 98,000 residents over the next 20 or so years. Wow, where will they all live and work?

--Some residents think the LRT would be great and don't mind coming up with the 230 million (or more?) that the Federal Government is not giving us. Others think it is all a waste of money, inefficient, and that we should invest in our bus infrastructure. What do you think?

--How do you like the new downtown Kitchener? The part that is finished looks nice but was it worth the cost? What about the Centre Block condos?

We now have four candidates running in Ward 10 (which is the main Ward for Mt Hope - Breithaupt Park). Click on this sentence to see who is running.

The MHBPNA Blog has a proposal: please email us at mhbpna@gmail.com with a question you would like our candidates to answer. Over the next couple of weeks we will send out the questions to candidates and publish their answers on the Blog! Sound exciting? Please send us an email with your questions and thoughts.


Would you like an event posted?

Would you like to write an article? Would you like something about the neighbourhood publicized? If you live, work or socialize in the Mt Hope - Breithaupt Park neighbourhood, and would like something added to this website's calendar or BLOG, please let us know.

Our gmail address is mhbpna@gmail.com and we try and check it every few days.

Our community is closely connected to the Breithaupt Centre and we try and post important meetings there, and the NMA meets semi-regularly at City Hall.

Please send us an email and let us know when things are happening.


Kitchener City Website Redesigned

The city of Kitchener has redesigned their website to make it much easier to navigate. Watch the big slideshow on the main page, it has some cool 3D effects going on (and no special glasses are required!).

Overall, the MHBPNA Blog is pleased with the design. Some of the menus expand so much that you really need a larger monitor to fit everything on. The links at the bottom are quite helpful (e.g. "I'd like to...." is pretty intuitive). You have to be careful navigating around because if you move your cursor past the wrong area, a menu can jump out without warning!

The list of neighbourhood associations is on a different page and the MHBPNA Blog has updated its link so you can find out about the other fine folks involved in their communities. One small problem is that on the "old" site, where MHBPNA was listed, our name included a link to this Blog. However, on the new site, there is just our name and no link. So the MHBPNA has contacted the city to get that link back!