Breithaupt-Park Rehabilitation Meeting and Ideas

The Breithaupt Park Rehabilitation meeting last night was very interesting and the most positive element was the city's commitment to helping organize all the great trails through the park. 

There are many main trails with hard surfacing and others that are not quite so easy to follow. We would like to make the main trails more clear, and clean up some of the secondary trails, add signs to them and encourage walking and biking on them. This will hopefully discourage use of the very minor trails that wind up nowhere. Stay tuned.

By the way, we will be using some of these trails in our "Retro Boogie" run/walk. More info to follow.

Driving home from the meeting, I saw this great sunset through the trees and had to take a photo.

Beauty is all around us! Click for larger image.


Breithaupt Park Rehabilitation Meeting tonight

A few weeks ago we had a meeting with the city to discuss various options for the rehabilitation of Breithaupt Park (this is the city's phrase). 

Details on this process were posted here on the Blog.

The City will be laying out the decided upon rehab to Breithaupt Park tonight.

We will be meeting at the Breithaupt Centre at 7:00pm in Room 109 (June 20, 2013)

Please come out if you are interested in the future of Breithaupt Park.


MHBPNA Honoured for 30 years of service

On Monday, June 10, 2013, the Mt. Hope - Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association was honoured for 30 years of volunteering and service to the community. Many other neighbourhood associations and volunteer organizations with anniversaries were also honoured and received plaques. Mayor Carl Zehr stated that while "we often say 'we couldn't do it without you' that is really true".  The council meeting was televised. 

In the picture above we have (L to R) Dan Glenn Graham (our city councillor), Ted Parkinson (Communications Director), Lane Burman (President), Ralph Erdman (Program Director) and Carl Zehr (Mayor).

This date also marks slightly more than five years for this Blog because the NA's 25th anniversary presentation is documented here

Take a few minutes and wander through the Blog's archives (bottom right) to see what has happened over the years. Our neighbourhood is exciting!


On Friday, Choose Dignity

Extend-A-Family is having a BBQ, and walk to Kitchener City Hall on Friday, June 14 starting at 5:00. Here is their poster (click on it for full size):

And here is a short video:



Public Meeting: Weber Street Widening, Thursday June 13

You may have noticed the vast expanse of land that seemingly appeared overnight along Weber St. I barely remember what it looked like.  With all of the houses gone, it is time to start construction.

The Regional Council on Monday, approved the contractor Steed and Evans to complete the Weber Street Widening.  This project is one of the largest (most costly), the Region has undertaken.  It is also a very important project as it will drastically shape our neighbourhood, and the way we use it.  

On Thursday June 13th at 5:15, the Region will be holding a Public Information Meeting at St. Teresa School at 270 Edwin St.  This meeting will allow all residents to see the schedule of the work and potential impacts on private property such as access and traffic movement.  

This will also be an opportunity to see the final design drawings and plans.  Steed and Evans will be there as well as Regional Staff to answer any questions you may have.  This IS NOT a public consultation to discuss design.  The design is complete, and had been awarded already.

Please come out and see how this huge project has, and how it will take shape.  This is an exciting time for our neighbourhood, and the more informed you are, the better some of these changes will be understood.  And please ask questions, and lots of them!

See you there!


Kitchener Time Capsule and 100th anniversary celebration

KITCHENER – Mayor Carl Zehr and members of council will celebrate 100 years of cityhood by placing a centennial time capsule, presented by Superior Memorials, at the Duke Street gardens at Kitchener city hall on Monday, June 10 at 4 p.m. They will dedicate the capsule at this public ceremony and declare an official date for the time capsule to be opened in the future.

All residents are invited to the grand finale of the Kitchener 100 celebrations and to sign the centennial signature scroll. The event will include highlights of the year-long celebrations, live music and displays in the rotunda. Refreshments will be provided so we can all “toast the time capsule.”

“This is a great way to conclude our centennial celebrations from the past year. It gives us a unique opportunity to look back at how our community came together and celebrated our city, and a chance to leave our legacy for those who come after us through the time capsules,” said Jeff Young, manager of special events.

After the time capsule ceremony join us inside the rotunda to share in the excitement of our world record for the longest picnic. You can have your picture taken with the Guinness World Record certificate, enjoy live entertainment and refreshments. 

The festivities begin at 5 p.m.


Neighbourhood Bike Ride Today

OK folks, our bike ride is scheduled today for 1 pm and we are meeting at the parking lot for the Breithaupt Block at Breithaupt/Moore/King area. Obviously the weather is a factor. It rains, the sun comes out, it rains again. So we will just have to see what happens closer to 1. If it is raining we will not have a ride, but if we have a sunny interval then we will. We hope things work out.