Easter Egg Hunt at Duke Street Playground

Easter weekend is just around the corner. Join us for the annual Duke Street Park Easter Egg Hunt. 

The hunt will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 7th, rain or shine. 

If you are able, please send an adult with hard-boiled coloured eggs to hide about a half hour before start time (approximately 2-3 eggs per child). We will provide some chocolate eggs to hand out at the end. 

What else to bring: 
- baskets for collecting eggs 
- a picnic lunch and blanket if you'd like to stay and eat with some of your neighbours 
- a musical instrument or noisemaker for a musical jam session. 


Neighbourhood Related Events

Please look at the list of events on the right side of this Blog. We will not always create a new Blog entry for every event, but if there are things happening around the 'hood, they will be added to the calendar.

If anyone would like events listed, please email the Blog at mhbpna@gmail.com.

Events that are listed do not always occur within the confines of the MHBPNA area, but they affect us and are of interest to people who live here. We live in an exciting "middle ground": close to downtown Kitchener but not so far away from Waterloo either.


Car Free Sunday DIscussion

Queen Street Commons, Thursday March 15, 7 pm. 
The concept:  Use the existing Iron Horse Trail and animate about 6 kms to Waterloo with music, artists, food and skits, dance etc both off to the side of the trail, especially at popular junction points, but also anywhere your group would like to set up.
Please come out and voice your opinion and participate in a short initial discussion led by city councillor Dan Glenn-Graham.

Is it Spring, or just an illusion?

Let us say the Blog is back in action after a bit of a winter hibernation. Events have been a little slow but with this early spring, things seem to be picking up. Of course calling it "spring" is premature, but the weather has been so great that we can just enjoy it, and see what the next week brings (even if it is snow!).

Here are some links to information and events about the city and our neighbourhoods:

The City of Kitchener has just published the latest issue of the Your Kitchener newsletter. This is delivered to households in the city, but it is nice to have access to the PDF version as well.

To read about a recent meeting concerning the 1 Adam Street Development please click here.

To read the Cherry Park Neighbourhood's Spring Newsletter please click here.

Coming up soon in the Blog posts: Gigantic development or much-needed housing at Louisa and King?