Jane's Walk Weekend = Soon!

Jane's Walk Weekend is coming up very soon! MHBP neighbourhood has THREE (3) events!

Check out all the walks in Kitchener here:



They came, they cleaned....

they left things better than before.....(click on image)


Earth Day Cleanup Event, Thursday April 24, 2014

Today is Earth Day! But of course every day is Earth day as we continue our crazy and exciting journey around the sun. Many businesses and organizations are having clean up events as part of this special "day" and the MHBPNA is organizing one as well.

Please come out on Thursday, April 24th to George Lippert Park around 6 pm to help with a cleanup. We hope to work through the Park and start on the rail line which might "spur" on a discussion of the proposed Spur Line trail. 

OK, Thursday is not technically "Earth Day" but we are allowed to celebrate it as much as we wish. Especially during "earth week"!

Bring your own small grocery bags for putting garbage into and we will supply larger black garbage bags.

Meet some neighbours, have some fun and feel good about the universe and our place within it.

Click on image below to become even more inspired!


Newsletter Delivery

The MHBPNA is currently delivering our newsletters across our neighbourhood. Please email mhbpna@gmail.com if you can help us and deliver a few newsletters, even around your block. Get some exercise and meet neighbours. The newsletter writing, production and delivering is is all done through volunteer labour.  


Ice Storm Cleanup Update

Here is  a Press Release issued by the city of Kitchener:

Ice storm debris clean-up starts today

KITCHENER – Today, the city’s operations crews will begin removing all tree limbs and branches on boulevards street by street. From April 14 – May 2, all streets will be inspected and all limbs will be removed and chipped on site.
Once each street has been cleared, crews will not return.
To help us get to as many streets in the city by May 2, residents can help by bundling branches from trees on private property for collection as part of the region’s yard waste program or take it to the landfill. Limbs cut and tied into bundles not exceeding 90 cms (36 inches) in length will be picked up as part of the program.
Leaf drop-off sites are not available for limbs and branches. They are used in the fall to assist in the removal of leaves. The drop-off sites are typically parking areas within parks and need to be clean and accessible for park users.
The first priority is to get the streets cleaned up and then city crews will focus on getting the parks prepared for spring use.
More information is available at www.kitchener.ca/stormcleanup.



Around the neighbourhood pic

The sun was out today, people are working on projects, tearing up front porches, raking leaves, getting reacquainted with each other. It is a great time in the neighbourhood. It will get cold again, but then it will warm up. We are very sure spring is happening.

We will soon be delivering our newsletter to as many houses and apartments as we can.  This is all on a volunteer basis so please be patient. We will leave some at the Breithaupt Centre in case you do not get one delivered to your door.

We will also be posting updates on the Weber Street Widening and other topics.

Here is a photo from a few months ago to remind us of what we have left behind. Please click for larger (and considerably colder) image!

Thanks to Jack for the photo.


NA Meeting tonight!

Our next public and executive meeting will be on April 9th at 6:30 pm in Room 201 at the Breithaupt Centre. Anyone in our neighbourhood is welcome to drop by and see what is going on.


Living Maze Poster

Here is our poster for the Living Maze Project. Check it out! Click on it to enlarge.